What We Do

Kiwanis Matin’s Funnel Cake Trailer

Our Kiwanis club raises funds for incredible projects such as the handicap swing that will be placed at the Marshalltown Mega 10 park.

President Frank M. and Lieutenant Govenor Andy S. Presenting Geoff H. the Director for Marshalltown’s Park and Rec. a check for $3,200 for the swing project. The project is schedule for spring or early summer of 2024.

Donations to Incredible Causes

President Frank M. Presenting Envoy John of the Marshalltown Salvation Army our donation of $500 to go to their afterschool kids program.

The Salvation Army has multiple programs available to the community. Such as Wednesday Night Kids Club, an after school program and a summer day camp designed for children in 1st through 6th grade.

To learn more about these amazing programs for our Marshalltown Kids please check out the Marshalltown Salvation Army Website.

Treasure Kevin H. presenting Josh H. of Trojan Tots preschool our donation of $500.

The Trojan Tot’s Preschool is located in the West Marshall School District. The school district includes State Center, Melbourne, Clemons, Rhodes, Lamoille, and St. Anthony towns. We are proud to out stretch our community efforts to our surround areas.